Intervju med Martí Cifuentes

2017.11.09, kl 09:00

Welcome to AIK. Can you please tell us a bit about your background?
– I am a 35 years old football coach from Barcelona. I am UEFA Pro License coach, I took Law and Business Degree at University of Barcelona and Master in Sports Management by Johan Cruyff University. I started coaching when I was 21 and was still playing. A former 1st Spanish Division player, who’s actually my “football father”, asked me to coach an U19 team. We had an amazing season and I really enjoyed. 3 years later I was the assistant coach of the 2nd Division A-laget. In 2007, I decided to move abroad to learn and improve. I spent 6 months in Ajax and 4 in Milwall. Then I came back to Barcelona to continue my career as a coach. Last seasons I was head coach of Sant Andreu and CE L’Hospitalet, in Spanish 2nd B Division.

How has your first experience of AIK been since you started your part time employment in mid March?
– It was great to join such a big and historical club like AIK. I will be always grateful to this club for giving me the chance to know the swedish football, specially thankful with Dennis Hörtin, Elie Mineirji and Leif Karlsson. I found a great environment both in Råsunda and Karlberg and hope to keep learning more from both coaches and players.

What are your main jobs in AIK?
– I’ve been working with the Academy, helping both players and coaches from U16 to U19 and supporting them on the practices with the A-laget. Next season I will be the head coach of the U19 team and hope to help more on the players development and the club to achieve our goals. Can’t wait to start!

What are your expectations on what AIK will bring you, and what might you bring to AIK?
– I am enjoying the experience discovering a totally new football culture and amazing city/country! Sharing experiences with coaches makes you always better, so having the chance to learn in a club like this one is amazing, with great coaches and players. About me, of course I will try to give my best. Perhaps I can give some new ideas related with my football culture as a coach, which are the positional game and Johan Cruyff attacking football philosophy basically. I am trying to help as well in the developing of a new training methodology, more based on the knowledge of the game. But I will be very glad if I can help players and people around me to improve and enjoy the game. That’s my final goal.


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